Polygamy Causes Terrorism, Gang Warfare, Street Violence and Worldwide Poverty

International terrorism, gang warfare, street violence and worldwide poverty are caused by generations of the catastrophic broken fathering  of all forms of tribalistic polygamy.
Exceptionalist power monogamy’s historic march across a world of violent, immature, tribalistic polygamy  changed the world forever.   Subcultures that practise power exceptionalist monogamy outperform subcultures that practise various forms of tribalistic polygamy

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Tiger Mom claims Chinese women are superior mothers. Could it be due to the fact that China has practised forms of monogamy for thousands of years? Thus outperforming it’s neighbors for thousands of years?

Tiger Mom looks like she is a wonderful mom, but is there more to the story?

Hey, Tiger Mom, why is your culture superior?

Could it be the power monogamy practiced by China for thousands of years?

Why is China leading the world economy?

Is Chinese exceptionalism leading Asia up out of the catastrophic bloodsoaked cesspool of polygamy?

The fabled work ethic that power monogamy brings to it’s adherants.

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Uzbekistan’s second wives’ club and their broken fathered children are cloaked in pain and dysfunction as polygamy is steadily on the rise

Polygamy’s appeal is rising in this post-Soviet country.

“I have three children from my first husband, and two by my second,” she said. Then, although her voice remained steady, tears began to fall. “I give the impression that everything is OK on the outside, but inside I feel terrible.”

Manzura is a second wife. But her husband was not divorced or widowed before she married him. Manzura’s husband has two wives.

Second marriages are not legally recognized and carry the stigma of lower status. Often, such marriages are painful and hidden–much like the unspoken rules that govern this traditional society.

Polygamy is on the rise in Central Asia.

Statistics are deliberately few.

“I must do everything by myself,” Manzura said as tears streamed down her face. “I don’t want anyone to live as a second wife.”

Polygamous wives are most often kept secret and almost always live apart from first wives.

Further, these women have no legal status.

Second wives are housebound and isolated…..

For Manzura, her isolation was crystallized when her husband refused to attend the wedding of their daughter………

 Question of the day:  

Will these broken fathered low status youths become the throwaways of polygamy?  Isolated from normal social contact by gender apartheid?  Turned into fodder for the groomers  of terrorism and ultimately travel the brutal road to ISIS?  

Nigeria: Some politicians think opposing child marriage would be anti religion.

Child marriage is at the heart of the violence and terrorism of polygamy.    Young girls of polygamy are isolated in gender apartheid, and kept uneducated, making them more easily controlled.

Young girls are easier for older elites to subjugate.

Which is why polygamous societies are burning schools and murdering teachers.

Maimuna Abdulmunini was just 13 when she was arrested for burning her 35-year-old husband to death.

The legal process dragged out over five years. Finally in 2012, when she turned 18, Abdulmunini was convicted of murder and sentenced to death. Today, despite a court ruling six months ago that the sentence is a violation of her rights, she is still on death row, waiting.

Wasila Tasi’u is 14 but has been in a prison in Gezawa, outside the city of Kano, for the last five months. She too faces the death penalty for allegedly murdering her 35-year-old husband, Umar Sani, and three others at her own wedding party.

Soon after she was arrested, Tasi’u told her lawyer Hussaina Ibrahim that she had been tied to the bed and raped by Sani on their wedding night. When she appeared in Gezawa high court for the first time back in the autumn, she could barely say her own name, turning her back to the court when the charges were read, breaking down in tears.

Her trial resumes today. A strike by judicial staff, coupled with the customary delays in the Nigerian legal system, has meant that she has been incarcerated since October, with limited access to her mother and father. Tasi’u is struggling to cope with her current situation, according to Ibrahim. Once described as a “jovial” and “intelligent” teenager, Tasi’u is now withdrawn and scared.

The Nigerian government made child marriage illegal in 2003, but according to campaigners from Girls Not Brides, 39% of girls in the country are still married before the age of 15. In the Muslim-dominated northwest, 48% of girls are married by the age of 15 and 78% are married by the time they hit 18. In Kibbe state, the average age of marriage for girls is just 11.

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Older wives of polygamy torment, bully and treat younger wives as slaves. And the older children of the older wives torment and bully the younger children of the younger wives. Things go downhill from there. More proof that polygamy destabilizes the entire society

Tanzania: Women Decry Polygamous Marriages

Women from the marginalized communities of Arusha and Manyara regions are lamenting against polygamous marriages that they claim are converting them into older wives’ slaves.

Elsewhere, when a man marries a new wife the young spouse becomes his favorite, but not in Maasai or Datoga communities where the older wives continue to call all shots at the expense of younger ones.”

In most cases, women from Maasai, Datoga and Hadza communities suffer under male chauvinism where men harass them at will, but when polygamous marriages kick in, even other women who were married earlier also become tormentors, beating and insulting younger wives,” lamented Mrs Paulina Longu a Barbaig lady hailing from Hanang’ District in Manyara region………………….

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Exceptionalists of all colors never blame others for self created problems

1112-eagleExceptionalists of all colors take responsibility

The road to exceptionalist is arduous but the results are exceptional!

“Police officers in Ferguson were shot, just because they were police officers

Seconds after the shots were fired and the cops went down, a protester on the other side of the street shouted out: ‘Acknowledgement nine months ago would have kept that from happening’ – no doubt in reference to the death of Michael Brown and the resulting mayhem. “

Blaming police for troubled youths disobeying the law is the stuff of demagogues.  Deliberately enraging troubled youths with classic hate mongering and blame shifting is escalating the problem.  The problem in Ferguson is not the police, the problem is broken fathering that is resulting in out of control violence.

Who are the real thugs lurking behind the scenes, pulling the strings of vacant eyed vulnerables?  The real thugs are careful to stay out of the big house while incensing vulnerables to mindless violence.

A true exceptionalist father figure to the chaotic violent community of Ferguson would take responsibility and not blame shift onto police.

Obama should be more like Bill Cosby, says Giuliani, as he blames President for not addressing the ‘enormous amounts of crime’ committed by African-Americans.

Bill Cosby evidentally suggested that people who steal are asking to get shot by the police.

Guiliani suggested that McDonald’s beating, shooting of Ferguson police officers and protesting of NYPD Commissioner is also Obama’s fault.

“Former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani on Thursday castigated President Barack Obama for setting a ‘tone’ that inspires violent behavior in America and advocated for him to emulate Bill Cosby when it comes to talking about black crime.

He also told radio host John Gambling during an interview on AM 970 THE ANSWER that Obama is ignoring ‘enormous amounts of crime’ being committed by blacks.

Roughly ’70 percent’ of homicides in New York City are committed by African Americans, Giuliani said. ‘There are many, many extremely understandable’ reasons for that both historically and environmentally, he added.

‘And if an African-American president stood up and said – I hate to mention it because of what happened afterwards – the kinds of stuff that Bill Cosby used to say. The kinds of stuff that Imam Pasha says at the Malcolm X Mosque: This is our responsibility,’ he said, trailing off into an explanation of Pasha’s doctrine.

Imam Izak-EL Mu’eed Pasha is a black, Muslim leader in New York who Giuliani has been friends with more than a decade.

I remember Pasha saying to his congregation, if there were less crime in the community, there would be less police in our community, Giuliani recalled.

When referencing Cosby, the retired New York politician was referring to allegations that surfaced last year that black actor raped or otherwise sexually assaulted number of former cast-mates and other women throughout the ’60s, 70s and 80s.

Prior to that ‘America’s Dad’ had earned a reputation for forcefully encouraging African-American teens to clean up their act and make better use of the educational system their ancestors fought to earn access to.

In on memorable – and controversial – address Cosby touched on the perils of stealing and defended police against charges of racism.

Now known as ‘the Pound Cake speech’, Cosby said, ‘These are people going around stealing Coca-Cola. People getting shot in the back of the head over a piece of pound cake.

‘Then we all run out and are outraged: “The cops shouldn’t have shot him.” What the hell was he doing with the pound cake in his hand?’ Cosby asked.

‘I wanted a piece of pound cake just as bad as anybody else. And I looked at it and I had no money. And something called parenting said, “If you get caught with it, you’re going to embarrass your mother.” ‘


Great American exceptionalist Guiliani is really saying that broken father figures make excuses for crime and enable crime with classic blame-shifting and excuse making.


Smoking cannabis for three years creates long-term memory problems during the vital years when most violence occurs


Cannibus smoking by teens for three years causes long term memory loss.  Daily drug use changes shape of vital part of brain.

 Smoking cannabis for three years creates long-term memory problems during the vital years when most violence occurs

Exceptionalist fathering guides teens past critical years when much drug use begins.

Brain damage from drug abuse has long been associated with poor impulse control.

Gang warfare and terrorist groomers are on the lookout for those with poor impulse control, who are easily manipulated with hate mongering and trumped up blame shifting.

Poor impulse control combined with the violence that broken fathering causes is a recipe for your children ending up in the big house instead of your house.

Guidance of exceptionalist fathers are an all important factor in keeping vulnerables out of the big house during the critical years of 15 to 25.

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Exceptionalist fathering is not just for birth children. Exceptionalist fathers are father figure leaders who bring exceptionalism to all

All international terrorism/inner city violence is a TOP DOWN PROBLEM from broken fathering up to father figure elites who lurk behind the scenes grooming the throwaways.

The throwaways are irrelevant and incidental.

All fathers are leaders

All leaders are father figures (yes, even Merkel)

All the violence in troubled cultures is top down

Let’s not blame shift onto mothers.  There are plenty of  terrible mothers out there.

The one and only problem to focus on is figuring out the core problem of two violent cultures who are spiraling out of control.    Both cultures subjugate and mistreat their females.   Both cultures are being used by elites to further their own agenda.