One sided, cherry picked, historical grievance – the number one time honored terrorist grooming technique

Grievances multiply with time, and the actual truth about most historical grievances is murky.

History is written imperfectly, historical narratives are by nature one sided, and usually written by those who weren’t part of the original grievance.

There are countless historical hysterical grievances in the world today.

How a culture or a subculture deals with it’s grievances says a lot about their leaders

Does the culture use grievances to turn it’s most troubled youths into hate crazed thugs?

Terrorist groomers from the third world, first and foremost destroy their own culture.

Terrorism always destroys it’s own people

There are no winners in terrorism.
Only losers.
Only very unhappy people.

How a culture cares for it’s most vulnerable says a lot about that culture

How a culture treats those outside it’s tribe says it all.


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