40 percent of potential terrorists show suicidal characteristics


Sadly sad

Terrorists are not happy people
Terrorist groomers are not happy people

Interviews with potential terrorists found that 40 percent showed suicidal characteristics.

Terrorist groomers (who sit in safety) admit they look for

the sadly sad young males for terrorist acts (most of whom are “lost boys” who are in an endless search for the exceptionalist dad they never had)


Terrorism always boils down to the scourge of polygamy

Depressed and suicidal young men can feel that they would be giving their lives tremendous significance if they die as a “martyr”; at the same time Islam forbids suicide, so killing themselves in an act of terrorism is a way to kill themselves without technically, in their minds, committing suicide.

While depressed people exist in almost any society, and depression has become a virtual epidemic in Western societies, some characteristics of the Muslim world may predispose to depression, perhaps the number one among them being polygamy.


Social status

In the world of polygamy, many low status young men will be permanently shut out of the institution that gives lives their main source of meaning: marriage and family.

Most Muslim suicide bombers have been young and unmarried:

Being young and unmarried means that the social status of suicide bombers is lower, and this is also a factor in depression.


The search for dad

Aside from the issue of depression, young, single “lost boy”  males are seeking the missing father figures in their lives.  Where better than gangs, terrorist groups who call each other “brother” while on the self destructive path to misery, unhappiness, death and destruction.


The glorious path

Time to put polygamy in the bloody trash barrel of history and travel the joyfully arduous but exceptionally glorious path to exceptionalist monogamy

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