Sex is here to stay…

Sex out of wedlock is here to stay, folks.

A true exceptionalist parent is for absolute and total choice for young women and young men regarding family planning and/or abortion.

A true exceptionalist parent is for personal responsibility regarding any and all fertility issues

Just remember there are belief systems in today’s world that preach murdering young women who are pregnant out of wedlock. The world has gone beyond this forever, and it’s a good thing. Murdering young women who are pregnant out of wedlock destabilizes and weakens the whole culture.

Polygamous cultures where only elites have all the young women and low status males are expelled from the culture at a critical time in their development, and are sent out to kill other low status males just doesn’t cut it anymore.

Sex is here to stay and no laws will stop it. Unfortunately the social media is awash in glorifying of predatory sexual behavior including the sexual grooming of the young and vulnerable.

74 thoughts on “Sex is here to stay…

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