Lizard brain alert: Polygamous societies must maintain rigid control over little girls.

Educated girls are harder for the old bulls of polygamy to control.



Afghanistan: Lizard brain terrorists throw acid into girls’ faces because they were going to school

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Kabul, Afghanistan:

Little girls on their way to school have acid thrown in their faces by two lizard brains on motorbikes.

Who are the groomers behind this act of terror?  The terrorist groomers who are using false religious narratives to justify acts of evil will have to answer to the god of all of us.  Turning young vulnerables into monsters is not tolerated in the world of exceptionalist monogamy.

The schoolgirls, two of whom are in critical condition, were told “This is the punishment for going to school.”

Behind this false religious narrative is the fact that educated girls are very hard to control.  (Just ask any of my relatives ;))

More proof that polygamy causes violence and destabilizes society.

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