Amazing reform candidate in IRAN is running on a platform that includes outlawing polygamy and instituting EXCEPTIONALIST MONOGAMY

There is serious research concerning monogamy vs. polygamy in the Arab world and what appears to be a growing awareness of the violence, sloth, and destabilizing nature of polygamy.

The West has been clueless regarding the connection between terrorism and polygamy.

“An earth shaking fever for change for the better is sweeping through Iran’s Islamic Republic.

Mousavi recently  announced his bid for presidency, explaining he could “no longer stand to see… [Iran] moving toward dictatorship” under the hardline of Ahmadinejad.”

“Mousavi has already taken steps to back his words with action.

In an unprecedented move, Mousavi, the leading reformist contender, introduced his wife Zahra Rahnavard onto the campaign platform alongside him.

Rahnavard is an accomplished intellectual in her own right – a sculptor, author and chancellor of Tehran’s liberal arts-strong Al-Zahra University.

She will also be Iran’s first First Lady – in the public sense of the term – if her husband is elected.

Already, she is being touted as a national heroine, her face gazing out alongside Mousavi’s on posters and her name being chanted at rallies and demonstrations.”

It’s time for worldwide laws banning the violence, sloth, and abuse of polygamy and the abusive temporary marriages

“Furthermore, in perhaps one of the most radical statements he has made to date, Mousavi declared his belief in legal monogamy, in stark contrast to Islamic law which allows men four “permanent wives” and countless “temporary marriages”.”

 This is the incredible power of the social media at work, these youths all have their smart phones.  The days of the terrorists are numbered……… (Unfortunately, they just don’t know it yet)

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