CJ’s back!***

CJ’s back!

American exceptionalist in the making, obviously the child of fabulous, self disciplined, responsibility taking, exceptionalist parenting



“Indoctrination … is real in our schools. And the only way that we can combat this indoctrination is to be a different voice on the opposite side of the aisle and teach our young people that limited government, freedom and liberty are the best values. And they’re something that they deserve,” Pearson says.


The student says the party must be seen as a “group of diverse Americans who are in love with freedom, liberty and the constitutional rights that our founding fathers gave us that are God-given rights.”

 read more  http://www.theamericanmirror.com/cjs-back-black-middle-schooler-urges-gop-to-focus-on-freedom-and-limited-government/

Remember, everybody, there are Black exceptionalists, Latino exceptionalists, Asian exceptionalists, Jewish exceptionalists, as well as white exceptionalists; they all practice power monogamy; there are exceptionalists in every culture on earth, power monogamists always rise to the top of their culture!

The road to exceptionalism is arduous, but the results are EXCEPTIONAL!

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