Democracy never works in polygamous cultures and/or subcultures***

Most of the most violent, poverty stricken,  dysfunctional, slothful, unhappy cultures and subcultures on earth practice various forms of tribalist polygamy

The more violent and rigid the form of polygamy, the greater the need for violent, rigid, repressive governments

This is why democracy fails in polygamistic cultures and subcultures where the elitist old bulls are busy busy acquiring all the young girls and trumping up extremist ways to rid themselves of  young males

Democracy only works in exceptionalist monogamistic cultures where self disciplined people play by the rules and self disciplined fathers spend their lifetimes nurturing their children through the critical formative years, and far beyond into the wonderous world of American exceptionalism.



The worst fathering on the planet bar none


Most of the most violent cultures on earth practice various forms of tribalistic polygamy

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