Saving Black America

The fractured fathering of tribalistic polygamy is destroying Black America


The status of women in inner city America is a catastrophe.

72 percent of children in inner city America are born out of wedlock.    Women and children are abandoned and rejected as a matter of course.  A recipe for fractured fathered males and females in their vulnerable years being groomed by gangs, thugs, terrorists, the sex trade and the drug trade instead of exceptionalist fathering of power monogamy.

Most street violence has been found to be done by young black men without fathers.

Nationwide, only 17 percent of African-American children reach 17 in a family with their married biological parents.
Studies show that more than 19 million children across the country, 26 percent are living without a father in the home. In Baltimore, among African-American children, the rate is 69 percent.

In 2012 the poverty rate for all blacks was more than 28 percent.

For married exceptionalist monogamous black couples the poverty rate was 8.4% and has been in the single digits for two decades right alongside whites.  Just 8 percent of children raised by married exceptionalist monogamous couples of all races live in poverty, compared with 40% of children raised by single mothers of all races.

The police are not the problem.

Fathers who come and go in their traumatized women’s lives compound the problem.  Abandoned women make for acquired sociopathic ideation, a recipe for troubled broken parenting and messed up children.

The real tragedy of the inner city fractured fathers is that all of the fractured fathers mostly had broken fathers themselves.

In a study of death row inmates, 99% were found to have had a troubled childhood.  Most of them  had been repeatedly beaten by their fathers, their stepfathers or by their mothers’ boyfriends.  Most of them had been raised in homes or inner city neighborhoods where the illegal use of drugs was a matter of course.  Most of them had been exposed to sexual violence from infancy on up

Induced sociopathic ideation (ISI) of abandoned and traumatized women and children furthers the inability to function in society at large.  The only hope for inner city youth is exceptionalist fathering of power monogamy.

Trouble in the making:  It has been found that more than one-in-four fathers of all colors with children 18 or younger now live apart from their children with 11 percent living apart from some of their children and 16 percent living apart from all of their children.




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