Finland cluelessly notes that vast majority of refugees are young males and can’t figure out why

Out of 19,632 refugees that arrived in Finland just this year, over 15,000 are adult males.

Utterly clueless article to a point of idiocy.

These are probably mostly the throwaways of polygamy, well on their pathway to IS (induced sociopathy)

Fodder for terrorist groomers who lurk in the shadows with well padded bank accounts.

 Additionally, about two thirds of the clueless respondents said that they don’t believe that migrants pose a threat to the Finnish cultural and ethnic identity.


Refugees wait on a bridge after police stopped them at the border between Austria and Germany in Salzburg, Austria, Thursday, Sept. 17, 2015.

The beards that look like pubic hair are freshly shaved off.  It’ll take a while on Western welfare benefits to regrow the pubic hair around the mouth look again.  The public hair around the mouth look helps with the vacant, soulless, sociopath thug look that is so special with terrorists.

Neat,  freshly groomed Western haircuts, and Western hoodies, t shirts and tennis shoes!  Hmmmmmmmmm



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