.Genghis Khan, in his genocidal rampage of terrorism across the struggling, barely civilized, emerging monogamous world of the 1200s, had a catastrophic polygamous, broken fathered youth in the critical years of terrorist grooming***

cropped-ferrrel.jpgGenghis Khan was a tribal warlord polygamist whose hordes rampaged out of central asia.  He had hundreds of sex slaves and wives, all of which created endless numbers of easily controlled, violent, broken fathered lizard brain throwaways

When Genghis Khan’s terrorist empire in Central Asia fell apart, part of his terrorists went to the Central Asian muslim world that today is a hotbed of tribalistic polygamous terrorism.

Read more of  horrific broken fathering –   Genghis Khan’s father arranged a marriage for him at the age of nine, then he was taken by his father and dumped onto the tribe of his future wife.  On the way back from abandoning his son, his father was poisoned by a neighboring tribe who offered him food.

After his high status father was poisoned, Genghis became a low status throwaway male of polygamy.  He and his mother and siblings were expelled from his father’s polygamous tribe into the wilderness where they subsisted on wild ox carcasses and wild fruits…………

It goes downhill from there…………….

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