History of thuggees and their tie to polygamy***

History of thuggees

The original thuggees (from which the term “thug” came from) were seven POLYGAMOUS tribes of Islam.



Is ISIS just plain old thuggees?  Still violent, immature, sociopathic,  sado sexual, unspeakably treacherous…

Were the original thuggees the violent throwaways of the broken fathering of polygamy? The original thugees were both muslim and Sikh.

The Sikhs were polygamous during the years of thuggees.  Were the Sikh thuggees also the broken fathered throwaway males of polygamy?  The truth is long lost in the endless rewriting of history.  What is sure is that the thugees were not exceptionalists and certainly didn’t practice power fathering. >

Watercolour by an unknown artist from the early 19th century purporting to show three Thugs in the process of strangling the traveller: one holds the feet, another the hands, while a third tightens the ligature around the neck.

A sketch by the same artist purporting to show a group of Thugs stabbing the eyes of three travellers they have recently strangled, preparatory to further mutilation and deposition in the well.


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