Older wives of polygamy torment, bully and treat younger wives as slaves. And the older children of the older wives torment and bully the younger children of the younger wives. Things go downhill from there. More proof that polygamy destabilizes the entire society

Tanzania: Women Decry Polygamous Marriages

Women from the marginalized communities of Arusha and Manyara regions are lamenting against polygamous marriages that they claim are converting them into older wives’ slaves.

Elsewhere, when a man marries a new wife the young spouse becomes his favorite, but not in Maasai or Datoga communities where the older wives continue to call all shots at the expense of younger ones.”

In most cases, women from Maasai, Datoga and Hadza communities suffer under male chauvinism where men harass them at will, but when polygamous marriages kick in, even other women who were married earlier also become tormentors, beating and insulting younger wives,” lamented Mrs Paulina Longu a Barbaig lady hailing from Hanang’ District in Manyara region………………….

Read more about the slavery, domestic violence, regular violence, inbreeding, hypersexualized broken fathered youths bullying younger youths, and brutalized, subjugated women: all of which contribute to the destabilizing nature of all polygamous cultures

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