Disrespect for all females and for all outside your tribe



Disrespect for females is a matter of course in the world of tribalistic polygamy of both inner city America and international terrorism

Underlying all forms of polygamy is sado sexual violence and domestic violence and just plain old ordinary everyday violence towards women and children and all others.

One of the great catastrophes of the scourge of polygamy is keeping females uneducated, locked away and isolated.  At the same time, throwaway low status male youths are isolated from normal heterosexual social contacts at the critical time their sexual identity is being formed, thus opening the door to confused sexuality.

Young males that are hypersexualized while being isolated from normal female relationships and from those outside the tribe are fodder for terrorist groomers.


 Disrespect for females is a core problem.

There are many parallels with the mindless violence prevalent in our inner cities.   Many studies examine early childhood sexuality and how critical it is to a well adjusted child through to adulthood.


Gender identity and sexuality begins in infancy.

Gender identity and sexuality does not start at puberty and adolescence.  By then it’s too late.  Children begin showing sexual interest functioning beginning in infancy.

read more at  http://www.bhcmhmr.org/poc/view_doc.php?type=doc&id=12771&cn=462


Respect for females and all others is at the core of the remarkable power of exceptionalist monogamy.  Children of exceptionalism of all colors and all belief systems would NEVER EVER be allowed to throw rocks at anyone for any reason.  Or want to, for that matter.  Or engage in depraved beheadings.


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