Only allowing the wealthy to practice polygamy makes polygamy a sought after status symbol, thus destabilizing those in poverty, guaranteed fodder for terrorist groomers


In some areas of Bangladesh, hefty taxes have been imposed on polygamy, with the tax increasing for each new wife a man takes..

This allows only the wealthy to practice polygamy, thus making polygamy a sought after status symbol.


……..Woman cuts off polygamous husband’s penis with a kitchen knife, then stabs him to death.  He had two more wives and was planning to take a fourth.

Their landlord said:  “On 10 February around 3 pm, the woman cut off his penis to avenge a life of misery he had forced upon her,” he said. “She then stabbed him to death. She used a bothi, a sharp cooking knife.”…………

Polygamy creates the ongoing need to expel traumatized, lizard brain, low status males into the clueless non polygamous world where they are violent, confused, and easily turned into terrorists.

Polygamy only for the wealthy destabilizes any society where it is practiced

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