Raptio is an ancient Latin term that refers to the large-scale abduction of women.

It describes a long-tradition in the tribalistic, non monogamous, world culture of the kidnapping of women for marriage, enslavement or sexual slavery, most frequently in a time of war. The practice of the large-scale abduction of women dates back the beginnings of recorded history.




Excavation of pottery near Asparn-Schletz, Austria, provides evidence of the widespread murder of older men and women during the Neolithic Period but not young adult women and children. This suggests that raiders attacked populations and killed everybody except nubile females, who were abducted and brought back as the spoils of war.



There is even genetic evidence to suggest that the abduction of women was a common practice among primitive tribal societies. In historical migrations, groups of raiding male armies routinely abducted indigenous females, a concept that is backed up by the greater stability of the human mitochondrial DNA haplogroups as compared to the human Y-chomosone
DNA haplogroups. In other words, the “mitochondrial Eve” chromosome is estimated to be about 140,000 years old, compared to the “mitochondrial Adam Y chromosome”, which is only about 60,000 years old.

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