San Bernardino killers were not “radicalized”, they were “induced sociopaths”

Most induced sociopaths have traumatic early years.

Question of the day:  Will their 6 month old baby be turned into a vacant eyed sociopath as well?

Will their 6 month old baby be brainwashed 24/7 with insane sociopathic hatred of just about anything and everything, and endless sociopathic ever evolving grievance, hate crazed, hair trigger revenge and sociopathic blaming of who knows what or when or where?

Will their 6 month old baby be turned into a sociopath who spreads misery and unhappiness wherever she goes?

who spread misery and unhappiness wherever they go.

Who and what are turning vulnerables into sociopaths?

Time to stop making double talking excuses and take responsibility.

Time to grow up.

Sociopathic personality disorder signs and symptoms:

  • Disregard for right and wrong

  • Persistent lying or deceit to exploit others

  • Using charm or wit to manipulate others for personal gain or for sheer personal pleasure

  • Intense egocentrism, sense of superiority and exhibitionism

  • Recurring difficulties with the law

  • Repeatedly violating the rights of others by the use of intimidation, dishonesty and misrepresentation

  • Child abuse or neglect

  • Hostility, significant irritability, agitation, impulsiveness, aggression or violence

  • Lack of empathy for others and lack of remorse about harming others

  • Unnecessary risk-taking or dangerous behaviors

  • Poor or abusive relationships

  • Irresponsible work behavior

  • Failure to learn from the negative consequences of behavior

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