Suicide attack in Mali. Polygamy is legal in Mali


Mali suicide attack leaves at least 3 killed, 9 peacekeepers injured – UN

At least three civilians were killed and nine UN peacekeepers seriously injured in a suicide attack on Wednesday at a UN base in the town of Ansongo in northern Mali, Reuters reported.

“A vehicle tried to penetrate the camp and there was an explosion,” said Olivier Salgado, a spokesman for the peacekeeping mission.

Several Nigerian soldiers taking part in the UN mission were wounded in the attack, according to a Niger security official in Niamey. Mali military said the suicide bomber tried to force his way into the camp and was shot, but his bomb-laden vehicle exploded.

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“I’m against polygamy, even though I’m African,” explained Kofi Jumeau, who, along with his 43 brothers and sisters, could speak from first-hand experience. “My father had between nine and 11 wives. And unfortunately it really hurt us kids, because there was no family cohesion. It was really bad for us.”


One male with at least 9 wives and 43 children is creating chaos and dysfunction and several dozen “lost boy” throwaway young males.

Read about the problems France is having with polygamous Africans

The “lost boys” are fodder for terrorist groomers who are on the prowl for unprotected vulnerables who are easily groomed

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