Suicide/murder attack in Afghanistan. Polygamy is legal in Afghanistan

Polygamy causes the imbalance of male/female ratio to begin with, not the other way around.

Read about elite of polygamy Haji Abdul Ghafar, a 75-year-old auto repair shop owner in Kabul.  Haji was quick to say he sought youth in the four wives he’s married in 24 years. “Everyone who marries a subsequent time wants someone younger and better than his previous wives,” he said with a giggle.

Throwing the older wives out in the street, with or without their older children, is just worthy of a snicker.



Read about the chaos that polygamy causes in Afghanistan

Read about the suicide attack in Afghanistan that murdered at least 30 people and crippled many others for life plus another ho-hum suicide/crippling/murder  

Suicide attacks are a top down problem.  The only ones who can stop the madness are the elites of polygamy.



61 thoughts on “Suicide/murder attack in Afghanistan. Polygamy is legal in Afghanistan

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