The numbers say it all

10,000 marriageable males
10,000  marriageable females
In a faithful monogamous society this equals close to 10,000 couples mostly at peace with each other
In a polygamous society this equals 2500 elite males with 10,000 females (four each).  This leaves 7500 low status males without females.  How to rid themselves of the 7500 low status males?  A recipe for catastrophy.

Multiply this by hundreds if not thousands, an entire society gets more rigid, more repressive, more dysfunctional, endless excuse making, always blaming others, and explodes into chaos.

In the days of worldwide tribal warfare with sticks and stones, the elites would send their throwaway males to kill the throwaway males of neighboring tribes, thus solving the problem of how to rid themselves of throwaway males.

Wake up, world.  Worldwide tribal warfare and their tribal warlords killing each other with sticks and stones has morphed into bombs and nukes and Iphones.  Terrorism starts with rock throwing, and escalates out of control.

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