The Status of Women in Polygamous Cultures

The Status of Women in Non Monogamous Cultures
Women in many Western developed countries take their role in society for granted. While some inequalities exist in terms of women’s pay vs. what men earn, sexual harassment, and other legitimate concerns, modern women in the US, Europe and other “first world” nations also enjoy the right to vote and wide protections on their personal freedoms.
But this is not the case everywhere. In many countries even today, women are often captured and enslaved by excess throwaway males of tribal non-monogamistic societies. In some tribal societies, the abduction, rape and enslavement of women is not an unusual practice during warfare and is often as common as cattle-raiding.


The Status of Women in Tribalistic Non Monogamous Inner City America

72 percent of children in inner city America are born out of wedlock.    Women and children are abandoned and rejected as a matter of course.  A recipe for broken fathered males and females in their vulnerable years being groomed by gangs, thugs and the sex trade and the drug trade instead of exceptionalist fathering of power monogamy.  The police are not the problem.  Fathers who come and go in their traumatized women’s and children’s lives are the problem.

Recent Examples of the Abduction and Enslavement of Women
Even in so-called developed countries, women are also the target of violence or are forced into slavery.  Even today, there is a thriving sex trafficking industry in some  parts of the world in which women are captured, transported to other countries and forced to work in the sex trade.  In many war-torn regions of Africa, rape is routinely used as a standard weapon of war. And in India, harassment and physical violence towards women has become a national epidemic.

Historical Examples of Raptio
Raptio is an ancient Latin term that refers to the large-scale abduction or women. It describes a long-tradition in world culture of the kidnapping of women for marriage, enslavement or sexual slavery, most frequently in a time of war.  The practice of the large-scale abduction of women dates back the beginnings of recorded history. Excavation of pottery near Asparn-Schletz, Austria, provides evidence of the widespread murder of older men and women during the Neolithic Period but not young adult women and children. This suggests that raiders attacked populations and killed everybody except nubile females, who were abducted and brought back as the spoils of war.

There is even genetic evidence to suggest that the abduction of women was a common practice among primitive tribal societies. In historical migrations, groups of raiding male armies routinely abducted indigenous females, a concept that is backed up by the greater stability of the human mitochondrial DNA haplogroups as compared to the human Y-chomosone DNA haplogroups. In other words, the “mitochondrial Eve” chromosome is estimated to be about 140,000 years old, compared to the “mitochondrial Adam Y chromosome”, which is only about 60,000 years old.

The Rape of Sabine
One of the oldest events in recorded history is the Rape of the Sabine Women, which took place in Rome during the 8th Century B.C. One of the founders of Rome, Romulus, established a settlement on the city’s Palatine Hill that was populated mostly with male followers. Seeking wives, the Romans tried to negotiate a deal with their neighbors, the Sabine tribe, but were unsuccessful.
Rather than face extinction, the Romans planned the widespread abduction of the Sabine’s women. Romulus invited the neighboring tribesmen to a festival of Neptune Equester. When his guests arrived, a signal was given and the Romans grabbed the Sabine tribe’s woman and slaughtered the men. The women were then forced to be the wives of the Romans.


Female Enslavement Throughout History
The entire world has an historical tradition of the abduction and enslavement of women by male populations.  After the Battle at Bigeah the ancient tribe of Benjamin was threatened with extinction.   So they gathered up all the residents of a nearby town in Canaan, slaughtered all the men and non-virgin women, and forced the surviving virginal women to marry the tribe members.  In the 3rd Century A.D., the Goths from Northern Europe raided the Roman provinces of Moesia and Thrace, defeated and murdered the Roman emperor Decius, and captured and enslaved the remaining population, most of whom were Christian women.  Since many of the most high functioning cultures of ancient times also created much of the written history that survives to today, the story naturally is unbalanced.  The most destructive, violent polygamistic cultures of history have left little written record.  The most destructive, violent, low functioning, polygamistic cultures of today are busy busy destroying history as we speak.


The Enslavement of Women Continues
The abduction and enslavement of women has been a part of human culture since the beginning of recorded history. And it remains a very real issue today, despite the comforts and security enjoyed by women in Western developed countries.  Monogamous societies are far from perfect, always have been and always will be, but the numbers don’t lie.  Monogamous cultures and subcultures always outperform tribalistic non monogamous cultures and subcultures.  History has shown us that humanity is predisposed to violating the women’s rights and treating them as chattel whenever a tribalistic polygamous society is in place.

 Traumatized and abandoned mothers make for traumatized, immature, troubled children who are fodder for terrorist thug groomers, sex groomers, addiction groomers, and gang groomers.

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