The second worst broken fathering on the planet

 The Status of Women in Non Monogamous Inner City America



72 percent of children in inner city America are born out of wedlock…..

Women and children are abandoned and rejected as a matter of course.  A recipe for broken fathered males and females in their vulnerable years being groomed by gangs, thugs and the sex trade and the drug trade instead of exceptionalist fathering of power monogamy.

The police are not the problem.

Thug fathers who come and go in their traumatized women’s lives compound the problem.  Abandoned women make for acquired sociopathic ideation, a recipe for troubled broken parenting and messed up children.

The real tragedy of the inner city broken fathers is that all of the broken fathers mostly had broken fathers themselves.

In a study of death row inmates, 99% were found to have had a troubled, violent childhood.  Most of them  had been repeatedly beaten by their fathers, their stepfathers or by their mothers’ boyfriends.  Most of them had been raised in homes or inner city neighborhoods where the illegal use of drugs was prevalent.

Induced sociopathic ideation (ISI) of abandoned and traumatized women and children furthers the inability to function in society at large.  The only hope for inner city youth is exceptionalist fathering of power monogamy.

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