Time to hold broken fathering and/or no fathering accountable. THE PROBLEM IS NOT THE POLICE! The problem is the catastrophic fathering of inner city youths*

THE PROBLEM IS NOT THE POLICE!  The core problem is the catastrophic broken and/or no fathering of inner city youths*

  • Example of classic terrorist grooming:

  • Blame shift instead of taking personal responsibility

  • Bronx Public Attorneys (leaders of their community) Under Fire for Appearing in Rap Video Calling for Death of Cops –

A publicly funded firm is in danger of losing it’s money after their lawyers were discovered participating in a local music video calling for police deaths.

The lawyers, Kumar Rao and Ryan Napoli of the Bronx Defenders, appeared in the video as two lawyers comforting a grieving mother.

Leaders would not do this.  Demagogues do this, knowing they are stirring troubled youths to violence

The men were well aware that the video had anti-cop sentiment, with one man emailing another “I love this song!”

A hint: the opening verse of the song, which says, “For Mike Brown and Sean Bell, a cop got to get killed / […] Time to start killing these coppers.”



 Just as all international terrorism is top down, all inner city violence and gang warfare is TOP DOWN.  Time for all fathers and father figures and leaders to take charge of their children and raise them to be happy, prosperous, monogamous adults.



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