Vacant eyed lizard brain throwaways of polygamy are being expelled into the monogamous world daily


“NO NO and NO you fools!  We want you to get rid of young males NOT young females.”

 Throwaway ferals of polygamy tossed into the inferno of terrorism by the old bulls in their sex crazed need to rid their world of unwanted low status males?
The old bulls of polygamy having a harder and harder time to kill off the low status young ferals.  Hundreds of thousands of low status young males need to be expelled yearly.
In the days of polygamous tribal warfare, both sides needed to rid themselves of throwaway males, who gladly killed each other off with gusto.
Not so any more when they need to immediately post selfies of themselves.
The world of tribalist polygamy is in a nihilist death spiral.  Hell bent on destroying itself and the whole world.  Accelerating out of control as we speak.  The products of broken non monogamous fathering is being manipulated by the tribal warlords who are turning them vacant eyed and violent thugs
By all accounts, the feral throwaways are wearing expensive watches, posting their depravities on the social media, and strapping bombs onto subjugated 10 year old girls.
Not what the old bulls want.

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