Why China is on it’s way to ruling the world


China’s success is not about money, poverty, communism……..

China’s success is about it’s one cherished, exceptionalist, greatly beloved child per one exceptionalist monogamous family.  Nothing else.

Don’t tell me God isn’t happy about this policy.

Granted, there are problems with forced abortion, forced birth control, gender imbalance, etc.  But China’s cherished planned children are soaring with the eagles, not laying in the gutters of the world. China’s exceptionalist fathers are cherishing their children throughout their lives.

China’s gene pool is soaring with the eagles, not turning out genetically impoverished children.

These are very happy children, unlike America’s inner city children who are abandoned by their fathers, and America’s inner city women who are traumatized used, and abandoned by the fathers of their uncherished children.

China’s cherished, happy children are not fodder for the terrorist groomers, who lurk in the shadows of every country on earth.

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50 thoughts on “Why China is on it’s way to ruling the world

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